January 5, 2017

I have some sad news for you today. After 13 wonderful years producing show after show, celebrating weddings, birthdays and memorials, and building a rich and loving artistic community, our benefactors Larry and David have found a buyer for 575 10th Street. They offered us this magnificent hideaway in 2004 for just two years, so I consider that a damned good run! Everyone who has ever walked through our back alley door has become a part of its notorious legacy!

We’ll need to have everything packed up by the end of February. That said, we’ll still have plenty of opportunities for Thrillpeddlers and audiences to say goodbye to The Hypnodrome.

Running The Hypnodrome never yielded a surplus to save for such a rainy day as this. In fact, our spring show’s budget always depended on income from early camp enrollment, tickets sales and our annual fund drive. Closing up shop will be expensive. While you can always make a contribution, I’ve also added several benefit performances to help cover costs these next few months. Tickets to a semi-staged concert version of Amazon Apocalypse and a special Valentine’s Day farewell performance are now on sale.

I hope we have a chance to visit and reminisce together. This is a big change for Thrillpeddlers and our fans.

Love Always,
Russell Blackwood
James Toczyl
Daniel Zilber

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Thrillpeddlers lose venue; company future in doubt
– By Lily Janiak, SF Chronicle


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