Attention all Grand Guignol collectors! A copy of the March 1950 edition of the men’s pin-up magazine SEE is up for sale on eBay. This issue features a rare article about the Grand Guignol theatre. It was one of the first articles I found when I started my research in the mid 1980s, and has been posted on our website since its inception.

The article features several photos of the theatre, performances, and audience. Three pages in all.

We don’t know the seller, nor can we personally vouch for him/her, but with 100% positive feedback and over 1300 transactions, well… that’s good enough for us to recommend this auction.

If you follow follow eBay, you know how rarely Grand Guignol-related items appear on the site. This looks like a good opportunity to grab something fun for the collection.

Click “view & bid” below for all the details, and happy bidding!


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  1. Ahmad says:

    Ok, so I got 20th Century Ghosts from the library and have read a liltte in it ( House of Leaves, sadly, is on hold 4 copies back). I really, really, really dug Best New Horror up until the very end. I’m with you, Christian, on the subtle effectiveness of the story within the story. He doesn’t write it out, word for word, but his recapping of it does leave you somewhat uneasy. And that unease builds as the editor seeks out the true author. However, at the end, it strays off in a completely different direction, and while I can appreciate the meta-ness of the direction he went it, it felt like an ending to an entirely different story. The unease that had been built up just kind of deflates. Also read Poster Art, which is just a beautiful piece of fiction. Fantastical and heartbreaking all at the same time.

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